What "Suit" do you wear?

October 17, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Leadership: What “Suit” Do You Wear?

Leadership is a crucial component in the success of any records program. As a leader, you must know who you are, that is, know yourself. You also need to know how you are perceived by others. Effective leading begins with you as an individual. In this interactive session, you will learn how your “suit” impacts your leadership effectiveness and you will have the opportunity to practice your new-found leadership skills, providing you with the first steps to becoming a better leader.

Attendees Will Learn How:

  1. Their “suit” impacts their leadership effectiveness
  2. To work with others that embody a different “suit”
  3. To work in a team environment to achieve a successful outcome


Melissa G. Dederer is a certified Information Governance Professional (IGP) and Certified Records Manager (CRM) with over 20 years in the information management and governance profession. She is a recognized thought leader with in-depth knowledge and expertise in translating complex processes into clear, understandable and actionable steps, developing clear and concise documentation, and is known for using process improvements, enabling technologies, project management, and training strengths to meet commitments with integrity.

Melissa has been active in ARMA International for 20 years, at the chapter, region and international levels and, having recently served four years as a Director on ARMA International’s Board of Directors, is now serving as Vice President-Secretary and Immediate Past President on the Board of the Metropolitan New York City chapter.

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